wouldn't you like to know. (stiggity_stacey) wrote in borrowed_angels,
wouldn't you like to know.


Cary Ann Hearst is composing a group of individuals who are passionate about her music and whose goal it is to talk her up to anyone and everyone in their town. These people will form her rep program and their job will be to put up flyers, post on message boards, request her songs on college radio, and in general help increase awareness about her and the band. We want you all to be apart of this and your first task is to come up with a name for the rep program - any name ideas please email them to me. I will be getting you promotional materials and making sure you're up to date with the latest happenings of the band before anyone else. If you are interested in joining the rep program, please email me at staceycornett55@yahoo.com with your name, address, phone, AOL IM, and city you can help promote.
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